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We are more than willing to come to your place

If you are interested in our product please contact us, We are can give you a free demonstration of our machine so ypu can see how it works. If you dicede to purchase a machine after our demonstration you will find the complets flowchart undermentioned with the step by step process. From demonstration till delivery and more.

Purchasing process

  • Contact your local dealer and make an appointment for a free demonstration.
  • Demonstration at the location of your choice
  • You will receive a detailed quotation of the selected configuration
  • Approval of the quotation by the client
  • Down payment of 30% to the dealer*
  • The dealer will place the order directly to the factory in Denmark
  • The dealer informs you instantly about the expected deliverytime
  • The factory will prepare your trailer as speciefied in the order
  • The factory will notify the dealer when the machine is ready
  • The dealer will request a licence plate with the authorities.
  • Client will pay the balance of 70% of the invoice*
  • Transport from factory to dealer
  • De dealer will mount the license plate and goed for the MOT test if applicable.
  • The dealer will do a final test of the complete trailer and unit
  • Appointment for delivery and training
  • Delivery of the unit including training of the staff
  • Client works upto 50 hours on the hourcounter
  • Technical service will do the 50 hour maintenanence.
  • Next maintanence is after 300 workinghours of yearly

*In case of approved leasing contract the leasing company handles the paiment directly to the dealer after delivery of the machine. In that case down payments are not apliccable.

Leasing is also an option we can offer

  • No budget needed for new investment
  • Fixed monthly fee
  • Off-balance sheet solutions in case of
    renting – so better finantial ratio’s
  • No investmentpeak, but equal
    spread of the cost
  • No pré-financing VAT
  • Flexibele renting formula – during the periode
    of the contract adjustable to
    your needs
  • World wide all-risk insurance against
    theft and dame for all your leased assets

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